Based in Sydney, Australia, we sell high quality upgrades from the most trusted and reliable brands from all over the world. Our goal is to improve your vehicles performance to meet your desires, while maintaining reliability and drivability. That’s why we’ve hand picked our suppliers & are constantly testing out upgrades to ensure you’ll be happy with the end result. We currently specialise in VW, Audi, BMW & Mercedes.


We offer Engine & Transmission tuning for most European Vehicles. Most cars come significantly under powered from the factory. Engine tuning can help increase & optimise power & its delivery. Transmission tunes often improve drivability, optimise software and gear shifts, and increase clamping pressure which increase power. When combined with other parts/modifications, we can also improve power levels. This is usually done in Stages from 1 to 3. We offer flash tuning from brands like Racingline Performance (OEM+), DMS Automotive, Bootmod3 (BMW), TVS Engineering & Harding Performance.


Upgrading your exhaust is a must when it comes to both performance and sound! With most euro cars having significant restrictions due to design and emissions requirements, aftermarket exhausts are a great way to improve your car. Many cars come with valves which allow the exhaust to be quiet so you don’t upset the neighbours, but when opened unleash the full sound of your car. While a cat-back improves performance & sound, we also supply downpipes which are usually required for stage 2 vehicles & up. Please note, an upgraded downpipes will require an Engine tune to ensure compatibility. We supply Milltek Sport, Akrapovic & more on request.


We supply air intakes to improve air flow into the engine, with systems that eliminate or improve manufacturer designed restrictions. Increased air flow can help you achieve higher power & allow the engine to breathe better. Brands we supply include Racingline, Eventuri, Integrated Engineering & more.


If you want to improve your cars stance or handling, we have suspension upgrades that can help get you there! Lowering springs, coil-overs, shock absorbers, sway bars, engine & transmission mounts, bushes and adjustable link pins are the main parts that will optimise your handling. We supply brands including Racingline, SuperPro, Bilstein, H&R, MSS Suspension & more.


When it comes to turbo charged cars, intercoolers play a very important role in cooling charge air before it enters the engine. By upgrading your intercooler, this can help increase power since by having lower charge air temps and increasing the volume of the intercooler. We also supply oil coolers & DSG coolers for specific cars. Brands we supply include Racingline, Integrated Engineering & Wagner.


It’s one thing to make your car faster & louder, but people forget to make their car stop better! This can often be a limitation, especially in motorsport applications. We offer upgraded brake pads and discs, brakes fluid & braided lines as well as full brake kits. Some of the brands we supply include Racingline, Brembo, DBA, Ferodo & Endless.